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1999 - 2002 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • Psychic Fred Rawlins helps legal authoritiesThe stock market will be somewhat volatile between now and the end of March of 2000. (Made January of 1999)
  • Activity in earthquakes in California between March and May of the year for 1999 and 2000.
  • Concern for water supply will surface in the western states…
  • An investigation for wrong doing will occur in the local City, State and Federal offices.
  • McCain will not win nomination for presidential election.
  • It appears that Gore will win through the popular vote.
  • We will begin to hear of a glut in housing and office space in Arizona… shades of the 80’s that impacted Texas.
  • Arizona will gain recognition for inventions and discoveries associated with the medical environment.
  • Upset in the local Governor’s office….
  • Locally Mayor Rimza can easily fall into disfavor. Future commitments for spending without involving the public brings criticism.
  • NASDAQ – We will begin to see beginning of struggles with legal mattes that govern the NASDAQ. Proactive efforts on the part of NASDAQ appears to be successful.
  • NYSE – Internal strife among the peoples that operate and control the NYSE will begin in early 2001. There also appears to be a "new direction" or something that will augment the NYSE as we know it today. Public outcry will help to bring some changes in the government regulations that apply to the stock market.
  • USA – January of 2001…. It is a time of change.. We will begin to see a new "breath of life" that will affect the beginning of changes that will continue for the next 6 to 8 years. Women will lead the parade in the making of significant changes within the government as we know it today. Keep an eye on Hillary Clinton, she will shine in this area…
  • The economy will behave like a yo yo this year….2001…. It will not be as egregious as some may think. We will however see more exaggerated effects of this beginning in the fall.
  • 2001…. The Middle East is likely to explode this summer. A strong leader in that area appears to be wounded. Taking captives of officials possible.
  • October and November will be a time of world focus and celebration.
  • 2002…. Terrorism: This techno-diverse was will continue. Scientific intervention will swing the biggest club. In other words brains, not brawn will prevail in this war. It appears we can expect more of this for the coming year and into 2003.
  • Water: Contamination of water supply is likely.
  • Food: Contamination of foods is expected as well.
  • Osama Ben Laden: He will be caught. He may hide out in Greece or Syria.
  • A younger more viscous man will replace Ben Laden, causing the war against terrorism to escalate.
  • Four or more large national companies will fall to their knees. Most will try and survive under the protection of Chapter 11. This will ricochet on the banking industry, illuminating questionable financial practices, as well as instability in the lending industry.
  • There will be investigations into some of our politicians as a result of the Enron scandal. However, do not expect much to come of the investigations…..
  • The anthrax perpetrator(s) will be exposed in the early summer. There appears to be an internal connection with the government. They will find the anthrax is coming form a location the northeast. Radical changes within the ranks to follow this discovery.
  • The stock market will continue to vacillate for the next 18 months. Hopes and dreams held up against investments for many will have to be revaluate.
  • Over the next 8 to 10 years great changes will occur in the political, religious and legal systems. Much that has been hidden will be brought into the light. We are entering a "New Age" in terms of the consciousness of the planet.

"Fred Rawlins, an Arizona psychic who appears on KEZ-FM's morning show, predicted three months ago that Michael Jackson would get into this kind of trouble, says Beth McDonnell, host of the morning show.'We didn't put it on the air because I didn't think it was appropriate,' she said, 'It's appropriate now.

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1998 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • Clinton - trap has been set !
  • The stock market will begin to decline in summer months. Big correction.
  • And more to come . . .
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1997 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • John Kennedy, Jr. will abandon his demure behavior and party hardy, leaving a trail of intrigue with his behavior.
  • More evidence of a personal nature will surface against Governor Symington.
  • Archeological discoveries in the Yucatan and Egypt will astound the scientific community. What we know and believe as it pertains to history will be weighed and found wanting.
  • Rosie O'Donnell will have setbacks due to contractual changes by the network. She will be victorious.
  • President Clinton will be found in an act of error of serious proportions.
  • O.J. will be found guilty in trial.
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1996 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • Governor Syminton will find himself in hot water legally concerning his past. Information will surface that will cause charges to be brought against him and some of his cronies. Shades of Keating all over again.
  • The stock market will be somewhat stable with some volatility, but not as much as in the years ahead.
  • Clinton will be re-elected.
  • Barbara Striesand will fall madly in love, contemplating marriage.
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1995 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • Roseanne - Marriage is possible: However, it will not last.
  • Liz Taylor hospitalized several times in the ensuing months. Trouble with immune system... very run down.
  • Earthquakes will continue to shake California - "new discoveries" of faults under major cities.
  • More flooding to occur in the midwestern and northwestern states.
  • Unrest to continue in Seriavo.
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1994 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • Donald Trump and Marla will realize a great deal of trouble in their marriage in the ensuing months.
  • Rumors will continue to haunt Bill Clinton concerning his sexual escapades. There will be a faction (during this administration or the next - Clinton will win again) that will call for Clinton's resignation due to his continuing poor judgment on sexual matters.
  • Governor Syminton will pay the piper in the future. His business ethics will come under close scrutiny - he and his cronies will be called on to explain a lot concerning fraudulent financial matters.
  • Oprah will "take her show on the road" for various reasons over the next few years. Very successful.
1993 Live Radio Psychic Predictions
  • Controversy over Dead Sea Scrolls will cause unrest among many religious scholars.
  • Clinton will continue to experience controversy while in office. His past will follow him throughout his tenure as President.
  • August - Michael Jackson will be accused of being a child molester.
  • The economy will indeed take an upturn . . .
  • More storms to affect the east coast over the next few years. Flooding will occur in Florida, North and South Carolina, New York etc. up and down the east coast.
  • Draught and pestilence in the midwest, southwest and countries in South America will be on the incline over the next few years.
  • South America will be shaken by more and more earthquakes through 2005
  • Reform concerning medical insurance may get off to good start - but will come to an end abruptly.
  • England's monarchy will survive, but definite changes will take place.  Charles and Di living separately, will eventually divorce.
  • Roseanne Barr and Tom will split.

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